Identify Your Audience


KDI focuses in high traffic retail & restaurant industries that are perpetually changing. Our PMOTION solutions leverage our collective data to create unique curated audience segments that can be activated programmatically or directly.


These audience segments enable brands, agencies, marketers, and retailers to reach the right consumers across CTV/OTT, mobile and online media. In addition, our PMOTION solutions help advertisers quantify attribution, by focusing on actual purchase activity.

Activate the following Curated Mid-Market Audience Segments:



  • Food & Alcohol Delivery Services

  • Beer/Wine/Spirits

  • eSports & Casual Games

  • Fast Casual & QSR Restaurants

  • Cannabis/CBD & Other Related Products

  • Consumer Products Goods

  • Hospitality (3 Star Hotels)

  • Airport Concessionaires

  • Sports Stadiums

  • Live Entertainment Venues

Our PMotion Solutions focus on individualizing and engaging each customer from their initial ad exposure across social media and programmatic channels to the actual purchase activity.

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