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Retail & Digital
Marketing Solution's


KDI services help agencies, brands, retailers & marketers create and implement ad campaigns that connect with the right audience at the right time and influence them to engage and buy your products. Reduce the trial and error tactics associated with digital ad campaigns, by leveraging the daily purchase activity that naturally occurs in the essential market industries.

KDI Digital Marketing Services:

  • Programmatic Media Buying

  • Social Media Ad Campaigns

  • CTV/OTT, Mobile, Laptop & DOOH

  • 400+Predefined Audiences

  • Purchase, location, audience viewing, lifestyle, behavior and social analytics targeting

  • Devise Graph reach extension

  • Retail Paid Media

  • Social Commerce

  • 3rd party audience data support

  • Self Service or Managed Service Offerings

Supply Side Platform Solutions:

  • Connect to over 20,000 publishers & apps

  • Identify your own PMP partners

  • Monetize your direct publisher content

  • Blacklist & Whitelist

  • Fraud Protection

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