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Identify, Segment and Monetize Your Digital Audiences


KD Interactive (KDI), is an digital commerce agency that connects digital ads to purchase activity. By focusing on the ultimate conversion metric, our digital marketing and purchase data solutions help agencies, brands and retailers increase advertising ROI, customer engagement and overall revenue.


The PMOTION Audience Data Solutions combine digital marketing and SKU level purchase data to help drive new buying activity across in-store, click & pickup and eCommerce. All insights are gathered with opt-in collection practices. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your company grow.

PMOTION Services & Solutions


QSR | Fast-Casual

Food Delivery

Convienience Stores


QSR | Fast-Casual

Food Delivery

Convienience Stores


Cross-Device Reach

Connected TV




Key Partnerships

   Essential Retail Markets

Shopper Data

  • Opt-In Grocery Shopper Behavior

  • Curated Audience Segments

  • Sales Lift & Purchase Attribution Measurement

Data Monetization Solutions

  • Enhance Data Sets with New Shopper Behavior Segments

  • Monetize Your Digital Data

  • Increase Data Activation Channels

  • Expand Target Audience Reach

Digital Media Marketing

  • Programmatic Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Social Listening Analytics