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The Skyhook/KDI Partnership

August 13, 2019

Skyhook, a mobile location intelligence company, and KD Interactive (KDI), an Online to Offline (O2O) purchase data analytics and attribution firm, have joined forces to produce individualized audience segments that give advertisers and marketers the ability to optimize their digital ad campaigns focused on offline “mid-market” brick and mortar sales. While other solutions bridge the gap between digital ad campaigns and big box retail sales, the combined Skyhook-KDI offering of the industry’s most accurate location insights and mid-market SKU-level purchase data addresses the unfulfilled digital marketing and attribution needs within select multi-billion dollar, mid-market high traffic/frequent repeat visit industries, such as QSR/fast-casual restaurants, food delivery services, convenience stores, travel, airport concessionaires, hospitality, and concert/sports venues. 


The new co-branded mid-market focused offering combines Skyhook’s location data and KDI’s mid-market SKU level purchase data -- along with CTV/OTT, mobile and online audience viewing, behavioral, social and related data -- to curate individualized audience segments that connect digital ad campaigns with offline conversions and purchase activity geared to each audience’s unique interests and characteristics. With these audience segments, advertisers and marketers will now have the granular-level means to optimize campaign planning and execution, and localize their brand messages so they can reach and engage each target consumer from initial ad exposure across various devices and media, through the naturally shorter mid-market customer journey to offline purchase down to the neighborhood level. 


All insights are gathered without collecting any personally identifiable information. The segments are available for targeting by both demand-side and data management platform partners. 

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